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A must-attend event for retailers, entrepreneurs and the Québec innovation ecosystem, TAG addresses the various issues and topics related to the digital transformation of retail SMEs and businesses. The multidisciplinary programming covers various topics such as e-commerce and digital marketing, artificial intelligence and 5G, data personalization and big data, customer experience, cybersecurity and many other topics related to retail in the digital age.

TAG – Commerce in the digital age 2020

TAG – Commerce in the digital age 2020 : adapting to the COVID-19 context

Before the COVID-19 context, TAG had been presented at the Palais des congrès de Montréal bringing thousands of participants to attend our conferences and workshops in a physical venue, since it’s inception in 2012. For the 2020 edition, the CQCD decided to embrace the situation and sease the opportunity of offering an online immersive event. The organization teamed up with the multidisciplinary content creation and development studio, Genius XR, to present an immersive online 3D event that featured more than 45 conferences and webinars from retail industry leaders and actors from around the world.

From eCommerce-Québec to TAG – Commerce in the digital age : The story behind the change of branding

The Quebec Retail Council (QCR) created the eCommerce-Québec event in 2013 in order to meet a need for information clearly expressed at the time about eCommerce and online sales. In our many events organized at the time, across Québec, there was an interest and a necessity to learn about the best practices and topics revolving around eCommerce.

The first eCommerce-Quebec event at the Palais des congrès de Montréal was a real success with 652 attendees signing up, a sign of the importance of this burgeoning trend.

eCommerce-Québec rebrands to TAG – Commerce in the digital age in 2019

Times and technologies changed a lot since this very first eCommerce-Quebec event, however, so the name seemed restrictive. A much broader range of technologies and innovation ranging from personal voice assistants, to robotics, to analytics and artificial intelligence had taken hold of the retail industry.

In 2019, in order to reflect this evolution, the Quebec Retail Counci (QCR), in collaboration with the Sid Lee agency, proceeded to the complete “rebranding” of the eCommerce-Quebec event to become TAG – Commerce in the digital age.


TAG over time – Video summaries of some of our latest editions