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Lara Daniel

Founder, Attorney and trademarks agent

Lara Daniel is a lawyer and trademark agent with the law firm LDALÉGAL with twenty (20) years of practice. Prior to founding LDALÉGAL, she was a partner in a major Montreal law firm.

She practices in the areas of intellectual property, advertising and marketing, product labeling and packaging, franchising, consumer protection, information technology and the requirements of the Charter of the French Language. She has extensive knowledge in the negotiation and drafting of various intellectual property agreements.

She has accompanied the Quebec Retail Council for several years in the area of francization of businesses, notably during the consultation on Bill 14 in 2013, the consultation on public display of trademarks in 2016 and the consultation on Bill 96 in 2021. She also accompanied the organization during various parliamentary commissions and key meetings related to francization while collaborating with the Council on it’s francization best practices guide for retail businesses.

She has built her reputation with a varied clientele of SMEs and multinationals, including several retailers. She also works with a vast network of foreign advisors to protect the intellectual property rights of her clients worldwide.