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Alexandre Desabrais


Graduating from HEC Montreal in 2014 with a degree in finance, while participating in entrepreneurial competitions, Alexandre begins his career in consulting for large financial institutions. Quickly becoming the youngest consultant in his firm to be chosen for the largest mandate in North America in New York, Alexandre works hard and seems to be on the right track, but decides that large corporations are not for him. Neither the magnitude of the mandate nor the temptation of the glamour of finance distracted him from his main goal: to get closer to entrepreneurship and the startup life. He then joined the team of district m, a technology startup at the time, where he enriched his experience by developing the Montreal market, then the Ontario market from Toronto. During his time there, he developed sales skills with marketing agencies and advertisers’ marketing departments, which enriched his experience in digital marketing strategies. In January 2019, he officially left district m to focus his time on Solios, the most elegant and eco-friendly solar watch. This will lead to him being named to the Bay Street Bull’s 30 Under 30 list in 2022. 

It was while living in Sweden that his interest in innovation and change evolved. Sweden’s environmentally conscious society and proactive environmental research have greatly influenced his approach to his projects. Alexandre sees a lot of potential in consumer goods and considers it essential to rethink them in a sustainable way. The search for innovative materials, product design, in-depth data analysis and the implementation of a healthy culture sending a positive message are his main interests as manager of this young company. It is thanks to these different aspects that he founded, with his partner Samuel Leroux, the very first and still only watch company in the world with the prestigious B Corp certification.