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On a regular basis, Retail News aims to provide City of Montréal merchants with content that is adapted, prepared and distributed by the Québec Retail Council (CQCD).

This service is made possible by the City of Montréal’s financial support.


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  • The Retail Express newsletter: Timely information
  • The Everything Retail newsletter: When complexity may be explained in simple terms
  • Media Review: My Friday weekly report
  • The CQCD Barometer: A tool to guide your strategic decisions
  • Data specific to the City of Montréal

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The Retail Express newsletter: Timely industry information

The Retail Express newsletter is a summary of some of the latest news related to the retail sector. Information is increasingly fast-moving, so timely news delivery may be useful to the reader. This is why the CQCD provides you with a monthly newsletter, addressing the most relevant matters.

The Retail Express is truly a wealth of current information, to browse with just a few clicks.


The Everything Retail newsletter: When complexity may be explained in simple terms

The Everything Retail newsletter is an electronic publication that delves into major topics, highlighting their ins and outs. It’s a simple way to get a full picture of all aspects of an often complex issue. Everything Retail means access to specialists and experts who share their thinking and point of view, also providing you with all required explanations to get a clear understanding of an issue that is relevant to you.

Topics of Everything Retail newsletter publications

/ Curbside recycling plan: extension of designated materials by 2018

/ Pay equity – Posting results: a communication vehicle between the employer and their staff  

/ Loyalty programs, consumer credit and advertising: new rules for Québec merchants

Everything Retail is a must-have tool to really get to the bottom of things.

The CQCD Media Review: A weekly Friday summary

Every Friday, you will receive a media review including leading news articles. In a world where there is often too much information, the media review actually does the sorting, featuring the most relevant and useful news for the reader.

The media review is an opportunity to bring attention to the retail sector with a new Inspiration of the Week. This feature turns the spotlight on retailers’ gains and achievements, for a positive outlook on the industry.

The media review gives access to the week’s news before your day has even started…

The CQCD Barometer: a business insight tool to get some perspective

The CQCD has developed, in partnership with Orama Marketing, the CQCD Barometer, a business insight tool that will provide a little more clarity to retailers. The CQCD Barometer is :

  • One survey per month;
  • Over 1,000 of surveyed Quebecers who are mostly responsible for purchases;
  • Set indicators that are tracked each month;
  • Specific monthly measures aligned with the period or new health measures.

Data specific to the City of Montréal

Each month, we publish the latest statistics from Statistics Canada related to retail and sales. These anylses include a section for City of Montréal retailers.

It’s an opportunity for retailers to learn about the sales status and performances, to monitor the consumer and understand key customer trends. These surveys, studies and data are useful information sources for merchants who want to be connected to their buyers.

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Free eCommerce and digital marketing webinars

The CQCD also offers open webinars, during which participating merchants learn about how to optimize their web presence, whether through newsletter, advertising, organic SEO or social media.


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