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Office québécois de la langue française

The Charter of the French language adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec in 1977 and amended on June 12, 2002 conferred to the Office québécois de la langue française the mission:

  • to define and conduct Québec policy in matters of linguistic officialization, terminology as well as the francization of administration and businesses;
  • to ensure that French is the usual and normal language of work, communications, commerce and business in the administration and companies;
  • help define and develop the francization programs provided for by law and monitor their application;
  • monitor the development of the linguistic situation in Quebec and report to the Minister every five years;
  • ensure compliance with the Charter of the French language, acting ex officio or following receipt of complaints;
  • to establish the research programs necessary for the application of the law and to carry out or have carried out the studies provided for by these programs.

Among its powers, the Office may:

  • take appropriate measures to ensure the promotion of French;
  • assist and inform the Administration, companies, individuals and groups regarding the correction and enrichment of the French language;
  • receive their observations and suggestions on the quality of the language and on the difficulties in applying this Act, and report thereon to the Minister.


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Phone number 514 873-6565