Sharing your workforce - HOP! The Summit on retail 2021 CQCD

Sharing your workforce

Free access for all, Workforce and human ressources May 26, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am Online
JoAnne Labrecque, Catherine Ross, Pierre Daigneault

In the context of the pandemic, some employers having to come to terms with temporary layoffs, have taken the initiative of sharing their employees to contribute to companies experiencing overwork. This trend, which is at the heart of the sharing economy, is growing rapidly!

Workforce sharing or circular work is an opportunity for your employees to develop their potential in functions related to their strengths. This is a great opportunity for both employees and employers. Employees use their expertise in a parallel field and secure their income. As for employers, they develop their human resources, retain them and optimize their working time.

First, you will listen to the testimony of Catherine Ross of the Aldo Group who will tell us about the benefits and difficulties that the retailer had to face when setting up a workforce sharing model. . On the other hand, we will talk with Pierre Daigneault, head of strategy for BizBiz Share, a marketplace that promotes the sharing economy, including the exchange and sharing of labor between companies.