Building a compelling employer brand - HOP! The Summit on retail 2021 - CQCD

Building a compelling employer brand

Free access for all, Workforce and human ressources May 5, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am Online
Jean Boulet, Céline Blanchet, JoAnne Labrecque, Sylvie Trépanier, Yannick Reynaud

Opening speechs – Month of the workforce and human ressources

  • Welcoming speech from Céline Blanchet, president of the board of directors of the Quebec Retail Council and vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Development at DeSerres
  • Opening speech from the minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, Jean Boulet

Conference – Building a compelling employer brand

The employer brand is everything that motivates your employees to contribute to the achievement of the company goals and everything that drives your candidates to join your teams. It is bringing your culture, your vision to life through shared values, it is in a way your DNA, your unique identity that drives your employees, your candidates and your clients to choose you.

Did you know that companies with a good reputation, a good brand image, attract, retain and obtain high levels of performance from their employees more easily and quickly ?

As part of the resilient SME project, we supported an inspiring entrepreneur in search of meaning and ready to capitalize on his strengths to promote his external brand while developing his employer brand. As part of this panel, we will speak with Yannick Reynaud, cofounder of the Reyjin brand about his achievements and we will present some good employer branding practices.