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Modern Retailers are connecting, Innovating and Experimenting

Marketing, Digital transformation October 6, 2022
10:05 am to 10:40 am 517 CD
Jean-Philippe Gauthier

Many brands are turning to digital transformation as a path forward. This means focusing on putting the right technical and organizational capabilities in place to be more agile and build resilience for the future.

This 30 minutes conversation will outline in more detail how winning retailers are approaching this Modern Marketing world.

Essentially, they are embracing 3 concepts:  

  1. Connecting: Connect your data sources and use your 1P data to connect with your customers, and find new ones like them.
  2. Innovating:  Expand your data signals and lean into sophisticated Machine Learning to boost performance
  3. Experimenting:  Modern marketing is based on being agile:  “doing things differently”, “trying new things” and continually iterating to find what works for you so you can move your business FORWARD.