Circular economy: focus on sustainable products - Hop! The Summit on retail 2021 - CQCD

Circular economy: focus on sustainable products

Free access for all, Sustainable development June 23, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am Online
Fabien Durif, Alain Pautrot, Martin Masse, Jonathan Mayer

More and more companies are placing environmental protection and the fight against waste at the heart of their development strategy, in particular by focusing on the concept of the circular economy and fighting against ‘planned obsolescence of products.

Whether it is Alain Pautrot of Groupe Seb, world leader in small household equipment, Martin Masse founder of Zone Accro and the Ouifix collective and Jonathan Mayer, instigator with his students of the law faculty of bill No. 197, our three panelists will come and testify on the concrete actions developed to ensure the design of more durable, repairable and reusable products. We will also talk about Bill No. 197, a bill aimed at amending the Consumer Protection Act in order to fight against planned obsolescence and assert the right to repair of goods.

Advice regarding circular economy from SEB Group

Joël Tronchon, Director sustainable development, SEB Group

While highlighting the challenges of implementing this complex system within a multinational, Joël Tronchon shares the experience of Groupe SEB by demonstrating that once deployed with the consultation of all stakeholders and partners concerned, the application of circular economy is extremely efficient.