The CQCD is the undeniable leader of the retail sector; its mission is to represent, promote and enhance the image of the sector in Quebec and to develop ways to foster the advancement of its members.

How does the CQCD fulfill its mission?

The CQCD is an association of more than 5,000 commercial establishments, representing nearly 70% of retail-related economic activity in Quebec. We are the voice of retail in Quebec.

It is not surprising that governments and the major players in the sector pay close attention to the positions the CQCD adopts! Indeed, we are the catalyst for the major issues in the sector. The CQCD’s leadership has a direct influence on governmental decisions that can have an impact on its members.

Our members include all retail formats, encompassing all sizes, business models and locations:

  • department stores;
  • superstores;
  • chains and franchisers;
  • independent stores and franchisees;
  • buying groups;
  • mass merchants.

The CQCD also includes other members who, while not part of the sector themselves, offer products and services to retailers: real-estate developers, financial institutions, accountants, equipment suppliers, trainers, advertisers and security agencies, to name only a few.

To stimulate retailers’ growth, to help them meet the challenges related to their businesses and to keep them informed of developments in the sector, the CQCD

  • has created various committees to defend the interests of the sector with regard to the major issues of concern;
  • develops publications of interest;
  • ensures excellent visibility for the sector through its events and communications;
  • participates in the development of education programs targeting the next generation of retail workers;
  • organizes activities related to the recruitment of the next generation of retailers;
  • ensures the visibility of the sector’s concerns and positions through public communications on various subjects of current interest;
  • develops various practical tools.

Thus, becoming a member of the CQCD means benefiting from the dynamism and credibility of a large network dedicated to serving retailers. CQCD members also have access to exclusive services at special rates, allowing them to realize substantial savings.