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Private Security

The retail sector is a major user of the services of private security agencies. Indeed, many retailers set up an internal security department to protect their merchandise and their customers.

In June 2006, the National Assembly passed the Private Security Act, which will come into effect gradually. The adoption of this law constitutes a major reform of the Act respecting detective or security agencies of 1962. The new law provides a legislative framework for private security activities consistent with today's realities. Its main purposes include:

  • regulation of private security activities in the areas of security guarding; watching or protecting persons, property or premises, investigation; locksmith work; electronic security systems; transport of valuables and security consulting services;
  • determination of the criteria for obtaining an agency licence and an agent licence;
  • creation of the Bureau de la sécurité privée, whose mission is to protect the public.

During the reflection and discussion period that preceded the passage of the Act, the CQCD participated actively in the study and development of this file. It will continue to follow developments with the responsible government authorities.

As a member of the board of directors of the Bureau de la sécurité privée, the CQCD obtains first-hand information on all developments in this file of crucial importance to retailers.

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