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Labour Standards

The Act respecting labour standards establishes minimum conditions of employment in the absence of a collective agreement, a contract of employment or a decree. The subjects covered include:

  • wages and hours of work;
  • annual leave and statutory holidays with pay;
  • absences owing to sickness or accident;
  • absences or leave for family or parental matters;
  • notice of termination of employment and collective dismissal.

As a general rule, this law applies to all Quebec employees. However, certain employees are totally or partially excluded from its application.

The CQCD informs its members with regard to the provisions of the Act and any legislative or regulatory changes that could affect the retail sector. It also ensures that its members' interests are properly represented to the Commission des normes du travail. For example, when new bills are tabled, the CQCD studies them closely to assess their possible repercussions on the retail sector. It then transmits its comments and concerns to the appropriate government bodies.

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