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Residual Materials

With the support of its Environment Committee, the CQCD is actively involved in the implementation of the Environment Quality Act and the Quebec residual materials management policy1998-2008.

In this regard, it takes numerous actions aimed at fostering

  • equity among enterprises;
  • the establishment of simple and effective programs;
  • voluntary participation of retailers in the recovery of post-consumer products;
  • Canada-wide harmonization of programs for the recovery and reclamation of post-consumer products;
  • consumer awareness and education, particularly through the transparency of environmental costs associated with programs.

In addition, the CQCD takes part in activities to foster progress on a number of issues, including

  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR)
    The CQCD is collaborating on the development of a general regulation that will have a decisive influence on current and future recovery programs. Under this regulation, producer responsibility will be extended to new categories of consumer products (electronic or bulky products, household hazardous wastes, and many others).
  • Commercial wastes
    The CQCD fosters its members' awareness of the importance of sustainable and responsible management of commercial wastes. Its consciousness-raising role also includes inciting retailers to adopt adequate measures for the elimination of wastes.
  • Plastic bags
    n addition to encouraging merchants to take concrete measures for the reduction and re-use of shopping bags, the CQCD has signed the Voluntary good practices code for plastic bag management.

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