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Consumer Protection Act

In 2006, the Office de la protection du consommateur launched a project to modernize the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) to better reflect the evolution of business practices since 1978. The main changes made include the addition, in 2006, of a protection regime for distance contracts (Internet, telephone and catalogue contracts). The CQCD was actively involved in the work on this decisive issue for the retail sector.

Possible subjects of future modifications include

  • rules for making contracts;
  • risk management (additional and extended warranties) ;
  • credit (new forms of credit et conversion costs) ;
  • practices of commercial establishments (customer loyalty programs and pre-paid cards) ;
  • other measures (declaratory judgments and class actions).

The revision of the CPA is ongoing and CQCD is closely monitoring it's evolution to express it's members concerns to the Governement.

With the support of its Consumer Affairs Committee, the CQCD continues its regular involvement in this field, by

  • informing its members of the major issues;
  • expressing retailers' point of view during public consultations;
  • examining various aspects of consumer credit;
  • working to harmonize relations and foster dialogue between merchants and consumer associations.

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